The Benefits Of Saltwater Pools Vs. Chlorine Pools

The Benefits Of Saltwater Pools Vs. Chlorine Pools

Salt and chlorine are the most common types of materials used in outdoor swimming pools to kill bacteria and other organisms that would otherwise have made the pools unsafe. The way they work, though, has brought about a debate about which method is superior or better suited for use for your type of pool. So, what are the benefits of a saltwater pool vs. chlorine? This article from Jason The Pool Guy, Gilbert's top-rated pool service pro, will go over how the two differ and will show you why saltwater pools are a premier choice in comparison to chlorine pools.

Chlorine Pools

The chlorine solution added to the pool breaks down into several chemicals such as hypochlorite ion and hypochlorous acid. These chemicals destroy the organisms by attacking the cell structure oxidizing them hence rendering them harmless.

Saltwater Pools

In saltwater pools, the process is the same, only instead of purchasing commercially produced chlorines with all its chemicals, you get a chlorine generator that derives chlorine from salt similar in content to what you use at the table. Therefore, the chlorine content is less concentrated, and herein lies the basis of the benefits of saltwater pools vs. chlorine.

Because of the concentration and its working mechanism, saltwater pools provide many benefits on several fronts that include, health-wise, cost wise, and even efficiency. These benefits include:

  • Fewer Chemicals in the Pool: First, the chlorine generator gets to measure the chlorine levels in the pool and automatically adds them as needed, so you do not need to keep on adding and guessing your chlorine levels. You also do not need to keep on getting stabilizers to prevent the depletion of chlorine by the sunlight. Better still, the salt used is recycled so there is then no need to add more salt.
  • A Healthier Pool: The high concentration of chlorine in traditional pools leads to excess exposure and its byproducts. In turn, this leads to numerous health problems from irritation of the eyes, respiratory system, and skin, to long-term concerns like hair discoloration and cancers.
  • More Natural & Cost Effective: Instead of chlorine bleach, you use sodium chloride. The only cost you worry about is the initial cost of purchasing the pump and installing it. Once this is done, the recycling and low cost of sodium chloride means that there are fewer operational costs compared to chlorine pools. You also do not need to get other chemicals like stabilizers for your pool or spend extra money on pool care services.

You may have an increase in electrical costs, but in the long run, the savings on purchases bring the general monthly or annual running costs down. This does not even include the health benefits that you'll be getting from this type of pool.

  • More Comfortable to Swim In: There is no strong chlorine smell, and the water is also soft on all body parts and swimwear.
  • Less Maintenance: Saltwater pools are much easier to maintain since you eliminate the presence of algae and do not have to keep on running DTP tests. Further, the water is less cloudy as is the usual case with chlorine pools.

Saltwater Is The Winner

The discussion on the benefits of saltwater pools vs. chlorine shows that there is a lot to be gained by installing saltwater pools instead of chlorine pools. You'll have a healthier pool since you are using a natural solution and cutting out the extra chemicals that come with commercial chlorine. You also have higher savings in the long run and a more comfortable pool. Consider the numerous benefits of saltwater pools and make an informed choice that aligns with your preferences and priorities for a truly exceptional pool experience.